Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast Reduction Surgery

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is an aesthetic surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of the breasts. Breast reduction greatly improves the quality of life of women, especially those with heavy and large breasts.
A woman may choose to have breast reduction surgery for various reasons. Examples of these include chronic back and neck pain, concerns about hygiene or appearance. Breast reduction surgery is performed for both medical and aesthetic reasons.
Most of these women make efforts to reduce their discomfort with painkillers, physical therapy and special bras. The only way to get rid of these problems is surgical reduction.

Is Having Large Breasts a Disease?

Breast size usually occurs with genetic factors. However, breast enlargement is observed as a result of hormonal disorders, excessive weight gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

By Which Method Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed with a number of different techniques designed to optimize results for each patient. The general idea is to remove excess breast tissue and restore the breast to a natural form. Although the technique used in surgeries may vary, each surgery involves both skin and tissue reduction. The skin removal and tissue reduction model is determined according to the amount and size of breast tissue to be removed. Breast lift is also performed with the techniques used during the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction Surgery

Patients who smoke should stop using tobacco products at least 3-4 weeks before surgery. It is also necessary to stop taking anti-inflammatory and blood thinning medications about a month before breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Breast reduction surgery takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the person's breast size. Dizziness, vomiting, etc. after surgery. We continue to keep him in the hospital for control purposes in case of illness. We usually want you to stay in the hospital for 1 day. You will have 2 drains after the surgery. After 1 day, the drains are removed and you are discharged.

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