Cheek Aesthetics

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Cheek Aesthetics

What is Cheek Aesthetics?

Cheek aesthetics refers to all surgical procedures that aim to restore facial features to an aesthetic form. These surgical procedures allow you to get rid of the oval face shape that occurs due to excess fat tissue in the cheek area and have thinner and sharper lines.

Since the facial area is the first point that attracts attention in social life, cheek aesthetics attracts attention from both women and men.

How is Cheek Aesthetics Done?

During this procedure, which is usually performed under local anesthesia, an incision of approximately 1 cm is made inside the mouth. Then, the excess fatty tissues are removed. At the end of the procedure, the operation is completed by applying dissolvable stitches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheek Aesthetics

Since smoking and alcohol have negative effects on the skin, it is recommended to stop using them 3 weeks before the procedure. Also, you should not wear make-up before the surgery. If you are pregnant or taking medications, inform your doctor.

Depending on the procedure to be performed, the surgery is completed in approximately one hour.

Since anesthesia is applied before the surgery, no pain is felt during the procedure. The pain felt after the surgery is minimized with painkillers.