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Chin Aesthetics

How is Chin Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Which methods will be used in chin aesthetic surgeries are decided according to the patient’s jaw structure and desired appearance. Chin implants or fillers can be applied to patients who have a small chin and want to make their chin proportional to their face.

During chin augmentation, the implant is placed on the bone under the lips. Incisions are usually made on the underside of the jaw or inside the lip, where the lower lip meets the gum. Thus, scars do not appear after healing. If the patient’s jaw structure is suitable, an aesthetic appearance can be achieved by applying filler.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Aesthetic Surgery

Patients who smoke should stop using tobacco products at least 3-4 weeks before surgery. Patients who consume alcohol should also stop consuming alcohol one week before surgery. It is also necessary to stop taking anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications about a week before leg aesthetic surgery. You can continue normal exercise and daily routines until the time of surgery.

Bacak estetiği ameliyatı, genel anestezi altında yapılan bir ameliyattır. Öncelikle detaylı muayene yapılarak ameliyatın nasıl yapılacağına karar verilir. Daha sonra kan tahlilleri ile beraber bir dizi tetkikler yapılarak ameliyata engel bir durum olup olmadığı incelenir

Since anesthesia is applied before the surgery, no pain is felt during the procedure. The pain felt after the surgery is minimized with painkillers.

After the surgery, patients are discharged 1 day later. Slight swelling and bruising may be observed in the first week. This situation will return to normal over time.