What is Almond Eye Surgery ?

Canthoplasty, also known as almond eye surgery, is a type of eyelid surgery that replaces the outer corner of the eye where the lower and upper lids meet by horizontally compressing and lengthening it. It is called by this name because an almond-shaped eye is formed after the operation.

This method, which is normally applied together with eyelid surgery in elderly patients, attracts the attention of women aged 20-30, who have recently seen the results on social media.

Almond eye surgery makes your eyes look bigger and brighter with an attractive “cat’s eye” form it reveals.

How is almond eye surgery performed ?

Almond eye surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. After the anesthesia procedure is complete, our doctor makes cuts near the corners of your eyes. She then lifts and repositions the corners of the eyes, adjusts the angle, and secures them with stitches to give the eye a larger and brighter appearance.

Almond eye surgery is usually performed together with upper eyelid surgery and temple stretching surgery. Because the eye area is a whole and the harmony of these areas is very important for the aesthetic appearance.

What should be done before almond eye surgery ?

Since smoking and alcohol have negative effects on the skin, it is recommended to stop using it 3 weeks before the procedure. Also, you should not wear make-up before the surgery.

Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or if you are taking any medications. Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN and his team will tell you in detail what you should do before the surgery.

How long does almond eye surgery take ?

Almond eye surgery takes approximately 1 hour.

If additional surgical procedures are required, the duration of the operation may be extended.

Is pain felt during or after almond eye surgery ?

Since anesthesia is applied before the operation, pain is not felt during the procedure. Pain that will be felt after the surgery is minimized with painkillers.

How long is the recovery period after almond eye surgery ?

You can return to your routine life within a week or two after almond eye surgery. Since it is a surgical procedure, it is normal to experience swelling and bruising during this period.

What should I do after almond eye surgery ?

You should not wear contact lenses until you fully recover after surgery. Avoid straining your eyes or doing anything that could cause dry eyes, including watching television or reading small font sized printed materials.