What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is a popular aesthetic application that adds volume to the breasts and provides a fuller appearance.

Breast augmentation is also performed to eliminate this asymmetry problem when one breast is smaller than the other. In this case, silicone prosthesis or fat injections can be applied to the smaller breast to obtain a balanced result.

In addition to obtaining a fuller breast with breast implants, a more upright and younger appearance is obtained by repositioning the nipples. Especially in women who have given birth, breast augmentation with breast augmentation to prevent volume loss and sagging caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding provides better results.

Which Method Is Being Used To Perform Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In breast augmentation surgery, the size of the breasts is increased by using silicone prostheses and filling applications. In addition, augmentation can be performed by transferring fat from one part of the patient’s body. Fat tissue can melt over time, and it may be necessary to apply in relapsing sessions. For this reason, we use fat injections for patients who want minimal growth and to correct asymmetries.

Breast augmentation with fillers is not performed in our clinic due to advanced complications of filler applications and difficulties in removing the filler from the body. The most effective method known all over the world in breast augmentation is breast prosthesis breast augmentation. Silicone implants are generally used in breast augmentation procedures. These implants have various diameters and volumes. Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN is very experienced in applying silicone breast implants, as he performs many breast augmentation surgeries every year. She evaluates each patient’s wishes, body shape and health history to help determine the implant size and surgical technique that will give the most appropriate results after surgery.

What Are The Prosthesis Types Used In Breast Augmentation?

In breast augmentation, prostheses with a cohesive, semi-flowing gel inside covered with silicone are used. It is used in prostheses filled with saline in a limited area and in the patient. Prostheses can be divided into rough and flat according to their surface, round and anatomical (drop) according to their shape. The shape and surface we will choose changes with the body structure of our patient, skin quality and expectations. Special planning is made for each patient.

In Which Areas Can Breast Prosthesis Be Placed?

Many methods have been described for the placement of breast prostheses. These include inframammary fold, nipple circumference, armpit and belly button. All of these techniques have advantages and disadvantages over each other. Which method to choose depends on the type of prosthesis used and the expectations of our patient. Special planning is made for each patient.

Smokers should stop using tobacco products at least 3-4 weeks before surgery. It is also necessary to stop taking anti-inflammatory and blood thinners about a month before breast augmentation surgery. You can continue with normal exercise and daily routines until the time of your surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia. First of all, a detailed examination is made and it is decided which breast augmentation procedure will be applied. Afterwards, a series of tests are performed together with blood tests and it is examined whether there is an obstacle to the operation.

Breast augmentation surgery usually takes 1-2 hours. However, this period may increase depending on the type of transaction to be applied. For example, if a breast augmentation is required, this period will naturally extend.

Recovery time after surgery may be different for each patient. However, most patients recover enough to resume their daily activities in about a week. It is necessary to avoid lifting, pulling or pushing heavy objects with the upper body for the periods specified by your doctor. After the surgery, Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN will provide the necessary information and check you periodically.

Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN completes the procedure with minimal incisions while performing the necessary surgical procedures during the operation and ensures that you get the most natural result. Since the procedure is a surgical application, scar formation is inevitable after the operation. While the surgical scar looks red at first, it takes on skin color over time and becomes less obvious. In addition, after the surgery, a scar care program is applied to ensure that the healing is healthy and fast.

Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN

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