What is Breast Augmentation with Fat Filling ?

If you are not very keen on placing implants in your breasts, fat transfer to the breast may be preferred as an alternative application to increase fullness.

The fat filler augmentation procedure is becoming increasingly popular with women who want a modest increase in breast size and a natural-looking result.

Since the patient’s own fat is used in this procedure, there is an extremely low risk of side effects. Also, women who have had a fat transfer to the breast will never worry about the potential complications associated with silicone breast silicones.

How is breast augmentation performed with fat filling ?

As an alternative to silicone breast implants, autologous tissue transfers to the breast are performed in our clinic. For a fat transfer procedure, a type of liposuction is performed on an area where fatty tissues such as the abdomen, back or thighs are abundant. This fat tissue is then purified and made ready for re-injection into the breast. Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN fills the breasts with adipose tissue and ends the process.

Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Filling Applicable to Everyone ?

Breast augmentation with adipose tissue transfer is unfortunately not a suitable method for everyone. The main factors that determine this are related to your body structure and what result you want to achieve. For example, for patients hoping for a greater increase in breast size, it may be more appropriate to use silicone implants, as there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be transferred safely and successfully during fat transfer to the breast.

Does the fat filled in the breast stay for a long time ?

As with any procedure, results may vary from person to person. One of the most important factors in ensuring that the results of your breast fat transfer last as long as possible is to avoid weight fluctuations. Because fat cells can grow and shrink with weight gain and loss. For this reason, it is recommended that patients eat healthy, maintain a stable weight, and be sure that they will not have children after fat transfer to the breast.

How long does breast augmentation surgery with fat filling take ?

The duration of this surgery may vary depending on where the fat to be taken from the body will be taken. If only fat removal from the abdominal region is to be performed, the surgery ends after an average of 2 hours. If the fat in the abdominal region is insufficient, the operation time may be longer as it will be necessary to remove fat from other regions.

How Long Does It Take to Heal After Breast Augmentation Surgery with Fat Filling ?

In the first few days after the surgery, it is normal to have a slight pain in the breasts and other parts of the body where fat is removed by liposuction. In general, it is possible to return to normal life after a week. It is necessary to avoid strenuous exercises, including heavy lifting and sports, within the period specified by Op.Dr.Sultan YALÇIN.