What Is Buttock Aesthetic Surgery?

Excessive weight gain in women, aging, pregnancy, etc. Over time, lubrication and sagging occur in the hip and butt area due to reasons. With the hourglass appearance, prominent hips give an attractive appearance. Structurally, there may be insufficient waist-hip ratio. Surgical procedures performed in accordance with the patient’s body structure and desired appearance are generally called buttock aesthetics.

If you do not have raised and rounded hips as a genetic gift, you are aware that it is very difficult to have this look naturally. For this reason, aesthetic applications are inevitable in order to have a desired hip.

How Is Buttock Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Different surgical methods are used to keep the butt lifted, enlarged and rounded. While only one of these methods can be applied according to the patient’s wishes and anatomical structure, both methods can be applied at the same time.

Butt Lift

Butt Lift, or lift is a surgical procedure that elevates and reshapes the hip by removing loose, sagging tissue at the top of the hip. During butt lift surgery, your surgeon removes excess skin and fat, then tightens and resurfaces the remaining tissue.

Overall, it is a very safe operation with minimal risk. It can be done as part of a lower body lift, along with a thigh lift and a tummy tuck.

Silicone Butt Prostheses

Silicone butt prostheses are applied to shape and enlarge the buttocks. They are similar to the silicone implants used in breast augmentation, but their structure is harder than breast prostheses. For this reason, it is more durable in terms of keeping the shape.

Buttock replacement surgery can be combined with a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), which involves removing excess body fat via liposuction from another area and transferring it to the hips and buttocks.

Fat Filling

Fat Filling is a popular surgical procedure in which your own body fat is used to make your butt higher, rounder and fuller without a prosthesis.

The fat obtained by liposuction (vacuum fat removal), especially applied to the abdomen and hips, is injected into the buttocks, resulting in a tighter and more upright hip appearance.

The survivors of the transferred fat stay there forever provided you don’t gain or lose too much weight, so the results are also long lasting.

Synthetic filling materials can also be used as an alternative to oil filling, but they are not as natural and effective as oil transfer due to their side effects and change of form over time.

Smokers should stop using tobacco products at least 3-4 weeks before surgery. Patients who use alcohol should also stop consuming alcohol one week before the surgery. It is also necessary to stop taking anti-inflammatory and blood thinners about a week before butt lift surgery. You can continue with normal exercise and daily routines until the time of your surgery.

Buttock aesthetic surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia. First of all, a detailed examination is made and it is decided which butt aesthetic procedure will be applied. Afterwards, a series of tests are performed together with blood tests and it is examined whether there is an obstacle to the operation.

Buttock aesthetics is a surgical procedure and the operation is usually completed in 2-3 hours, although it varies according to the procedure. If more than one process is applied, this period naturally extends.

Since the operation is performed with general anesthesia, pain is not felt. Pain that will be felt after the surgery is minimized with painkillers.

After surgery, patients usually stay in the hospital for one day. A special corset is used for one month after discharge. Patients can return to their daily lives one week after the surgery, but their physical activities should be limited. It is very dangerous to do heavy physical activity, especially for several months.

If the procedure is only fat filling, it is okay to sit down, but you still need to be careful. In cases where silicone is applied, it is more appropriate to rest on your side for a week in order not to burden the stitches. It is recommended not to take a bath for 3 days after the operation.

Everything you need to do after surgery Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN and his team will tell you in detail.

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