What Is Fill?

Fillers or fat taken from another part of the body can be used to fill the wrinkles on the face and under-eye pits that usually occur due to aging. With this application, it is also possible to add volume to the cheeks, reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars and shape the jaw line. We even have patients who prefer to have non-surgical rhinoplasty using injectable fillers.

How Is Filling Made?

Filling application can be done with both the adipose tissue taken from the body and the filling materials produced for this process. In filling procedures with adipose tissue, the adipose tissue taken from the body is purified and made ready to be injected into the desired area. Then it is transferred to the area to be treated and the process is completed. Before this procedure, since fat is removed from an area of ​​the patient’s body with fat, the patient gets rid of the fat in that area. Some of the injected adipose tissue melts over time. However, the remaining 60-70% of the adipose tissue is permanent for life. As aging continues, it is natural for these fats to melt over time. Therefore, it may be necessary to revise the process every few years. In filling processes with filling material, various filling materials are injected into the area to be applied and the desired plump and smooth skin appearance is obtained. The most commonly used filling materials are materials containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can be used easily because it is very easy to dissolve in case of a complication. Hyaluronic acid fillers are almost the same as the chemicals naturally produced in our body, as they are naturally absorbed over time, the risk of allergic reaction is very low.

Pregnant or breastfeeding people are not recommended to have fillers. If there is an infection in the area where the filling is planned, these infections should be waited for. If you are using prescription or nonprescription drugs, you should tell your doctor.

Although it varies depending on the number of injections, the procedure is usually completed within 10-20 minutes.

The needle used for filler injections is very thin, so patients only feel a slight stinging for a short time. If you are worried, you can request a numbing cream before the procedure.

After the filling application, you can return to your social life immediately. Even if a slight reddening may occur depending on your skin structure, this will pass in a very short time.

It is recommended not to expose your face to the sun and heat for 24 hours after the filler application.

Avoid exaggerated movements that will force your facial muscles for 24 hours after the application. Also, do not rub the filled areas for 4 hours. Op.Dr. everything you need to do after the filling process. Sultan YALÇIN and his team will tell you in detail.

Op.Dr. Sultan YALÇIN

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