What is Thigh Lift Surgery ?

Known as a thigh lift or thigh lift, this procedure is a surgical procedure that generally removes loose skin on the thighs after significant weight loss, liposuction or sagging due to aging.

What are the causes of sagging and lubrication in the leg area ?

The main causes of sagging in this area are aging and excessive weight loss. Especially the thighs are a region that can cause aesthetic problems in case of excessive skin sagging on the outer or inner thighs.

How is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed ?

During thigh lift surgery, an incision is made near the upper part of the thigh along the bend where the trunk meets the leg. After a large amount of tissue is removed from the top of the thigh area, the remaining skin is pulled up, tightened and secured with sutures. This process reshapes the thighs, giving them a firmer, smoother appearance.

What are the things to be considered before the operation ?

Smokers should stop using tobacco products at least 3-4 weeks before surgery. Patients who use alcohol should also stop consuming alcohol one week before the surgery. It is also necessary to stop taking anti-inflammatory and blood thinners about a week before the thigh lift surgery. You can continue with normal exercise and daily routines until the time of your surgery.

Thigh lift surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia. First of all, a detailed examination is made and it is decided how the surgery will be performed. Afterwards, a series of tests are performed together with blood tests and it is examined whether there is an obstacle to the operation.

How Long Does Thigh Lift Surgery Take ?

Thigh lift surgery usually takes 1-2 hours.

How Long Does It Take to Heal After Thigh Lift Surgery ?

You will be discharged with a compression garment that you must wear for three to four weeks after surgery. You may experience pain for the first 24 to 48 hours, followed by pain, bruising, and swelling for several weeks. It is possible to reduce pain with medications given by your doctor.

Will there be any scars after Thigh Lift surgery ?

It is normal to have scars in the cut areas after surgery. Although these scars will be hidden in the natural fold of the body, proper wound care is needed for the wound to heal properly. After the surgery, a scar care program is applied to ensure that the healing is healthy and fast.