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What is Gynecomastia (Breast Enlargement in Men)?

Gynecomastia is the name given to abnormal growth in the amount of breast tissue in men due to the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone hormones. This sometimes causes one side to grow differently than the other.

Why Does Breast Enlargement Occur in Men?

Breast enlargement in men occurs largely due to weight gain. In addition, this situation also occurs due to reasons such as hormonal disorders, long-term use of antidepressant and bodybuilding drugs, alcohol and drug use.

How is Gynecomastia Surgery Performed?

If excess fatty tissue is detected during the examination before gynecomastia surgery, breast reduction is performed by liposuction. If there is excess breast tissue, then breast tissue removal is performed. Depending on the size of the enlargement, repositioning of the nipple may be done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gynecomastia Surgery

Patients who smoke should stop using tobacco products at least 3-4 weeks before surgery. It is also necessary to stop taking anti-inflammatory and blood thinning medications about a month before gynecomastia surgery.

How Long Does Gynecomastia Surgery Take?

If tissue has been removed, small scars will be seen depending on the size of the tissue removed. These scars take on skin color over time and become indistinct. In addition, after surgery, a scar care program is applied to ensure that recovery is healthy and rapid.