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Thigh Lift

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

This procedure, known as a thigh lift or thigh aesthetics, is a surgical procedure that generally removes loose skin on the thighs after significant weight loss, liposuction, or sagging due to aging.

What are the causes of sagging and fat in the leg area?

The main reasons for sagging in this area are aging and excessive weight loss. Especially the thighs are an area that can cause aesthetic problems in case of excessive skin sagging on the outer or inner thighs.

How is Thigh Lift Surgery Performed?

During thigh lift surgery, an incision is made near the top of the thigh along the crease where the torso meets the leg. After a large amount of tissue is removed from the top of the thigh area, the remaining skin is pulled up, tightened, and secured with stitches. This procedure reshapes the thighs, giving them a firmer, smoother appearance.